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…You begin to achieve when you begin to believe…. I like that! I wonder how many dreams aren’t playing out because the dreamer doesn’t believe in their own potential. Probably a lot more than I really want to know about.

I know there are exceptions and I’m well aware of obstacles (I’ve come face to face with enough of them to know they’re always lurking!) – but I’m 100 percent convinced that our biggest roadblock lies between our ears. More times than not, we don’t accomplish things because we don’t truly believe that we can. Somewhere in our mind is a tiny little seed of doubt. And the most tragic thing is this: The longer we tell ourselves that we can’t do something….the bigger the seed grows. The bigger the seed grows, the less likely we’ll ever get anything accomplished.

If you have even the tiniest hint of a seed, start believing in yourself more often. Look in the mirror and say it out loud, “I believe in you!” Sure, sure – you might feel ridiculous. Until, that is, your dreams start coming true. Then you’ll feel like a freakin’ genius!

Make each moment count double,

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