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Winning Your Battles


We've all had our fair share of struggles, fights, and battles. Many of us, in fact, are probably going toe to toe with one right now. It's just one of the things that we all have in common - each of us has our own particular battles and NO ONE gets through life without them.

It matters very little how smart we are, how wealthy, or how beautiful - everyone had better learn to fight early in life, because it's a skill that'll be called upon. Often. As in boxing, the better fighters will last the longest, go the furthest, and will be the last ones standing. The weaker fighters make early exits and sit in the shadows, watching and wondering where they went wrong.

The answer to that question is often one of the following:
1. They underestimated what they were up against. Many times we'll minimize the people or situations that we have to fight against. Whether they're habits (smoking, drinking, gambling), genetic traits (such as a bad temperment), personal struggles (weight, shyness), circumstances (poverty, illness, debt, career dissatisfaction), or people (parents, spouse, boss, children) - we often come out on the losing end because we fail to see how much power they actually have over us. We think, "I could quit smoking any time I wanted to," when, in realtiy, nicotene is a drug that is very hard to give up. Underestimating it is only inviting it to the winner's circle.

2. They overestimated themselves. Back to the boxing ring for a minute: Ever watch a pre-fight interview with a boxer who's so full of himself, and so eager to talk about himself, that you wonder if he even hears the interviewer's questions. Every answer is, "I'll win...I'm the best....So-and-so doesn't stand a chance," etc. Then the fight starts, and by round 3, the smug look is totally removed from his face - beaten clean off. Early in the fight, the guys in the corner tried to tell him what he's doing wrong, and what the other guy's doing right - but arrogance doesn't listen, doesn't plan, and doesn't reason. Arrogance just reacts.

Sometimes we wax as brilliantly in our day to day lives. We'll head into the restaurant assuring ourselves that we'll just have a salad and soup. One hour and 4,000 calories later we walk out of the restaurant - defeated. The smoker will say, "One more pack, and that's it - I'm done." A really powerful edge could be gained by making ourselves accountable to others, by creating our own "corner" of support - and then by listening to them. This one powerful edge might be thing that would make all the difference.

3. They quit too soon. I've seen this one happen so many times I'd need more hands to count them all. Someone will be fighting against something....and gaining ground....but they'll become discouraged and quit. And, of course, where does quitting put them? Back at the start! How often do smokers quit for days just to go right back?

Again, having people around could be a great help - when the person's tempted to quit, their "corner" can look them in the eye and yell, "Get back out there!"

Once you put the gloves on, you should leave them on until the fight's over and you've won. If you think about it, taking them off mid-fight is pretty lame. But, when there's a struggle of any kind, it's all too easy to slip back into the routine that's the most familiar. It takes a GREAT deal of moxie, guts, and strength to break out of a routine and to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. But once victory is in your grasp, you realize just how worth it (and invigorating) the fight was. The world seems a little brighter, the air a little sweeter, and the future seems like it's just waiting for you to blaze your path.

Whatever you're up against, show it no mercy!

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