Helps Katarina Victims Find Work

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As a 6 year veteran of the US Army, I proudly bring you some positive news from the horrible disaster that hit our neighbors in the South.


” Hurricane Katrina left much of the Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi
gulf coast obliterated. It will be months, even years before many of
the displaced can return to their homes and jobs. Many organizations
are collecting food, water, medical supplies, and other necessities to
meet the immediate and critical needs of those left in Katrina’s
wake., along with the rest of our grief stricken nation
supports this effort. In addition, wants to offer long term
help those displaced by Hurricane Katrina’s wrath by offering
employers and workers a FREE site to post and search for short-term,
temporary,and permanent employment.

Corporate America and its employees have displayed overwhelming
compassion by opening their hearts and pocket books to help those
affected by this disaster. now asks Corporate America to take
the next step and help those displaced by Katrina’s wrath find
employment. “Give me a fish and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish
and I eat for a lifetime.” urges companies to look inside their company, evaluate their
needs, and help long term by offering temporary or permanent employment
to these Americans.

Job openings, either short-term,temporary, permanent, contract, or part
time can be posted FREE OF CHARGE to No
fees will be charged to employers, employment services, or job
applicants. Let’s pitch in and help the victims of Katrina
re-establish their lives. “

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Let’s you and I join forces with the finest fighting force on Earth to help our suffering friends, family and future neighbors find a way to get up and get back on their feet.

These people are going to hurt for a long, long time. Please don’t forget about them next week, next month or next year.


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