Are You a Coward or a Fighter?

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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

Terrell Owens recently demonstrated for everyone the absolute worst way in the world to handle problems. I, of course, wasn’t there and have no way of knowing the specifics – but one thing’s for certain, he didn’t handle his disappointments, they handled him.

We all have our share of troubles – things that we’d give just about anything to change. Sometimes they’re physical, sometimes they’re spiritual, and they’re always emotional.

When you’re facing something in your life, you have two choices:

1. Let it have the upper hand.

2. Demand the upper hand.

When you choose #1 – you get to mope around, have crying spells, lash out at the world for its unfairness, try to find peace in a bottle of some kind, push your loved ones away, and lose yourself in a miserable abyss – a vast chasm of the “Poor poor me!”s and, of course the “No one understand!”s.

What type of person chooses #1? Shhhhh….The coward. The one who’s afraid of a good fight.

What’s the outlook for choosing #1? Absolute and total destruction of self and everyone and everything around them.

When you choose #2 you get to sit in the driver’s seat rather than the back seat. When you’re at the wheel, you know where you are, where you’re headed, and where you want to be next. When you’re balled up in the backseat, you haven’t a clue where you’re headed – the only thing for certain is that there will be a crash.

What type of person chooses #2? The fighter! My favorite kind of person in the world – the one who gets knocked down, but doesn’t whine. He/She just gets up, doesn’t bother to dust off, looks their enemy square in the eye and asks, “Is that all you’ve got?”

What’s the outlook for choosing #2? A helluva lot better than choosing #1! When you choose to be a fighter, you’re on your feet dancing around in the middle of the ring – when you choose to be a coward, you’re on the mat already!

If you’re currently floundering on the mat – get up!!! Get your feet underneath you and start bobbing and weaving as though the knock down never happened. You’ll catch your troubles completely off guard – they aren’t used to seeing you vertical.

If you’re currently up and swinging – keep at it! My money’s on you. Well, there and Starbuck’s.

Make each swing count double,

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