Animator vs. Animation Video!

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Fingers, toes, eyes, legs, arms, and lips crossed that this link works. This is amazing!

You may wonder, at first, what this video would have to do with Self Help – but somewhere between, “How could anyone have this much imagination?” and “What kind of brain is able to produce something like this?,” it’ll hit you. The human mind is a complex and amazing thing. We’re filled with so many possibilties and so much potential. (How could we not be, God made us?!?!)

Today think about your own possibilities and potential. What might be lying dormant inside of you? There are unrealized dreams and untapped acts of brilliance just lying there waiting for us to get our gumption up, stroke our confidence like we stroke our cat, and make our move. This video has inspired me to step all of my games up and try to play at another level.

The ingenuity and imagination that went into making this “Animator vs Animation” video has inspired me and I hope it’ll have the same effect on you.

Animator vs. Animation

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