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Ready to play the bugle for your brain cells – wake them up and get their juices pumping?! Okay, you asked for it…

Chaz wasn’t happy with the amount of weight he was gaining on his exercise routine and decided to do something about it. At the end of his twice-weekly 100 yard run, instead of heading to the bakery for a dozen breakfast brownies, he stopped at a used bookstore for a book on running. Without looking at the section he was in, Chaz scanned the books, found one of interest, and read the spine out loud: How to Jog. A clerk kneeling to put a book away on the bottom shelf saw Chaz’s nearly new running shoes and, without looking up, said, “That book isn’t what you’re looking for.”

What kind of book was Chaz holding?

Click the link below for the answer.

The book was a volume of an enclyclopedia covering subjects beginning with How to those beginning with Jog.

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