A Humorous Look at Men and Stress

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I started not to link to the following article – I didn’t want to offend anyone’s sense of dignity by sending them off to what sort of amounts to as a dirty joke. But, by gosh, it’s a funny dirty joke!

But I figure that if I warn you that it’s not a G or even PG article – then you click the link anyway…. you’re looking for a laugh and won’t mind a little locker room humor. The article doesn’t have actual, bonafide “Do this and you’ll have less stress…” type of info (Then again, I’m not a man…maybe it does!). But for the period of time that it takes to read it, I’m thinking the stress level will be zippo….and that’s a good thing!

Laughter’s good for you, and I think we all need to lighten the heck up every now and then…..so below’s the link:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Cut Stress in Five Minutes

Make each moment count double,

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