7 Confident Steps


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If there were one secret to instantly making your life happier and more productive, it’s self confidence. It’s the golden key that’ll unlock the door of your potential. Without it the door will stay shut and locked forever.

No one wants that!

Below are 7 steps that will help you gain more self confidence. Along the way, you’ll be faced with doubts and plenty of “Buts….” and “Ifs….” When they come up, recognize them as the “potential” thiefs that they are and FORCE them out of your mind. Negativity will do nothing but rob you of your hopes and dreams. When you entertain its thoughts, you’re allowing it to do its job.

Take your first 7 steps today and walk with them everyday hereafter:

1. When self-doubting, negative thoughts enter your mind, replace them with positive ones. Remember in school when you learned to conjugate verbs? RUN became RUNNING and RAN, etc. I want you to start “conjugating” your thoughts. I’M A LOSER becomes I’M A WINNER, I WISH I WERE SMARTER becomes I’M SMART AND GETTING SMARTER EVERYDAY, etc! Pushing the thoughts out of the way isn’t quite enough, you have to turn them into something positive. It won’t take long before your mind catches on and stops creating them in the first place. (Continue…..)

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