60 Secret Keys to Getting ALL You Want in 2006!

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Happy New Year!

Okay, most of us have our resolutions all written out, or have at least made a mental list. We know what we want to do, how we want to do it – as well as who we want to be while getting ‘er done! Now comes the tricky part. How?

There are 60 little secrets that will put us well on our way. Actually, they’re 60 minutes.

An old….very old….Chinese Proverb states: “There is but an hour a day that separates a bad housewife from a good one.” This is true not only for the housewife, but for everyone. Just an hour a day can make or break a person, and most of us have at least an hour to work on something as important as ourselves and our lives!

  • Need to lose weight? Where would you be in a year if you began devoting an hour a day to exercise? Maybe 30 minutes walking in the morning and 30 in the evening? Or, an hour of exercise as you watch television – whether it’s Good Morning America, One Life to Live, or Lost. Instead of just sitting and watching – move and groove.
  • Want to be more organized? What if an hour a day was spent straightening and organizing your things. It’d be Clutter’s last stand!
  • Want to spend more time with your family? Devote at least an hour each day to nothing but family time. Watch a ballgame on tv together, go for a walk (and get that all-important exercise at the same time!), play cards, go for a ride,…..
  • Hoping to read more this year? Think how many books you could manage if you devoted an hour a day to the cause. (Personally, this might just be the year I tackle a few classics!)
  • Looking for more peace of mind and less stress? Devote that all-important 60 minutes to doing absolutely nothing. Just blissfully lie around and veg for an hour each evening. Do the couch potato thing like it’s never been done – for a whole hour….no thinking, no planning, no worrying – ZILCH!

Whatever it is you’re wanting to accomplish this year, you have 60 opportunities each day to make it happen.

Go for it!

Make each minute count double,

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